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Keratin Blowdry

Before the Keratin blowdry the hair is naturally frizzy, dry, thick in texture and fluffy. The hair is hard to manage and needs extra time for drying and straightening. As soon as you step outside, the weather hits it and it is back to its natural state again, no matter how much time you spend on getting it smooth….

Looks a bit like the before picture? After the Keratin blowdry it is left feeling revitalized. It feels softer, and easier to manage. The hair will now take 50% of the time to dry and will hardly need a polish with the straighteners!

This lasts up to 4 months and all you need to do differently is use a different shampoo…

So what is a Keratin blowdry? It is a natural keratin treatment that gets infused into the hair using heat. The more regular you have it done, the better the result becomes. The treatment takes just 2 hours and your hair gets transformed. The only downfall is…


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